Funky-Flunky Doublepack (Preorder: estimated delivery mid November 2020)

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  • 2x Funky-Flunky LED Bottle
  • 2x Funky-Flunky Glowing Ball
  • 2x USB- C Cable
  • Free shipping

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The Funky-Flunky Kickstarter Campaign has been a big success! Missed our campaign or want another Funky-Flunky Set? Preorder your Funky-Flunky Doublepack here now.

Create Your Own Party

Using Funky-Flunky, you can make any party into an even better party, and you can make a hangout into a party in the first place. Funky-Flunky is eye-catching in just the right way, and it’s bright enough that people will want to join in on your game.

Keep the Energy Going

Charging via USB, Funky-Flunky is the convenient addition to any night of drinking. You can take it with you on the go, and you can even turn it to “light mode” and use it as a festive decoration, hanging it up in your tent or outside your car via the built-in attachment. The battery inside the bottle and the ball will last a whole festival, too.

Waterproof, durable, and designed to last, Funky-Flunky is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good time.

Any Festival, Any Time

For years, partygoers have played Flunkyball – but only in the daylight. Using Funky-Flunky, you can play games at night, in the morning, and any other time that you want. Plus, the Funky-Flunky bottle is extra-sturdy, and it will stay  up round after round after round after – you get the picture.


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