The HighLIGHT at every party...

Funky-Flunky is the first smart Flunkyball bottle. Created to revolutionize Flunkyball, Funky-Flunky will make your next party or festival stand out! Combined with a glowing ball, light-mode and hook attachment, this will bring you lots of fun!

 Funky-Flunky was successfully funded through Kickstarter. You can now order a Funky-Flunky Set here.

Meet Funky-Flunky

Built in sensors, compact and rechargeable

Sensors built in

Flunkyball revolutionised


USB Type C cable included

LED ball

Find your ball easily anytime


Illuminate your tent at night

Next level Flunkyball

Light up your game

Our rechargeable Funky-Flunky bottle features a built-in tilt sensor, battery, and LED, which will change from green
to red when it falls over and red to green when you reset it. The Funky-Flunky ball features an LED of its own, and will
light up when you turn it on!

Water Resistant

Built to last

Water resistant, durable, and designed to last, Funky-Flunky is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good time.

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LED Flunkyball Set

Funky-Flunky Set

Combined fun

Funky-Flunky bottle

100% fun included

LED ball

Ideal for throwing

USB Cable

USB-C, quickly chargeable


Funky-Flunky Set

Included in this Set, you will receive your own Funky-Flunky LED bottle, Funky-Flunky LED ball, and charging cable.


Funky-Flunky Doublepack

One for you, one for a friend.  In this Set, you will receive two Funky-Flunky LED bottles, two Funky-Flunky LED balls, and a charging cable.

LED Flunkyball


Let there be light

Have you ever searched for anything at nighttime in your tent?
Funky-Flunky has a built in light mode. Illuminate your tent, play spin-the-bottle or find your way home. Don’t tap in the dark any longer.

How to play Flunkyball

How to play Flunkyball

It’s easy & so much fun!

2 people +

Find a friend or more

Stand 10 meters (30 feet) apart

A little bit of distance...

Place Funky-Flunky

Place Funky-Flunky in the middle

Throw ball

Aim for the bottle

Winning Team

The team which finishes their beers first, wins!

Once someone hits the bottle and knocks it over, everyone on their team drinks. The opposing team now has to rush into the middle and reset the bottle, yelling “Stop!” If everyone on a team finishes their drinks, that’s it – game over. You have your winner!


Feedback always highly appreciated

As a community project we are always excited to hear your thoughts on Funky-Flunky



Fun guaranteed!

Recommended by Hans Entertainment


Thank you for your support!

Funky-Flunky is a project by a group of german university students. It’s a dream product of ours and we are so happy to share it with you.

On behalf of our whole team, thank you!